Spectrum is the a full featured & most flexible Business Management Software integrated with Accounting, Inventory, CRM, Sales & Purchase Order Management, Manufacturing & Dealer Excise, Payroll modules with ease to Install & Implement. The reports generated from Spectrum are very useful to cater the requirements of various government department like Income Tax, Sales Tax, Excise and also very useful to management.

What's New :
  • New CRM Module has been incorporated to manage Task / Activity related to Lead and customer.
    (Enterprise Only)

  • New location concept has been provided in party master, so you can maintain only one party for all its location and some of the reports will be available on base of location entered.
    (Enterprise Only)

  • New contacts concept has been provided in party master, so you can enter contacts in sales and purchase related entries and send mails to particular contacts. Not only that you can send Reminders, Ledgers etc. to particular contacts.
    (Enterprise Only)

  • New messaging system has been incorporated to communicate between spectrum users of same SQL server.
    (Enterprise Only)

  • Now user can change size of master and data entry window, but it will not affect font size.
    (Enterprise Only)

  • New automatic release locks and allocation features has incorporated.
    (Enterprise Only)

  • New facility to lock database and drop connected user to exclusive use of database.
    (Enterprise Only)

  • New Executive Dashboard has been provided with comprehensive accounting
    information which have features to zoom into entry level.
    (Enterprise Only)

  • New Task Scheduling Features has been provided in Dashboard, Customised
    Reports, SMS & Reminder to schedule mailing to client or executives.
    (Enterprise Only)

  • New branch store restriction has been provided, so user can enter only restricted
    store in particular branch.
    (Enterprise Only)

  • New same branch document restriction has been provided, so user can select only
    same branch documents like quotation, order, challan to enter documents.
    (Enterprise Only)

  • New compulsory documents restriction has been provided, so now user can't enter
    any document without referring required document. (e.g. Challan must be against
    order, Invoice must be against challan etc.)
    (Enterprise Only)

  • New due notification features been incorporated in reminder printing option.
    (Enterprise Only) 

  • Account Restriction to restrict user to view/print report for allowed account groups.
    (Enterprise Only)

  • Software Activation Features to install software on virtual server.
    (Enterprise Only)

  • Auto  Bank  Reconciliation  with add on module to import bank statement excel
    file to perform bank reconciliation automatically.

  • Trial Version Features has been provided.

  • ADI Claim Entry & Reports

  • Effect of Expenses in Item costing

  • Facility to send direct mail without mail client like Microsoft outlook etc. 

Special Features of Spectrum are the unique features, which make the software Easy to Implement, Easy to Work and Easy to get reports. The features are Very Powerful, Very Flexible and Easy to use.
Multi Document Interface (MDI) is a very useful feature in any Application. With this feature user can open any number of option windows at a time depending on system. The user can open same option again and again. With this user can switch to required option at any time just by the click of mouse button.  
High Speed Printing on Dot Matrix Printer, Spectrum is 100% compatible with Dot Matrix Epson Compatible Printer, which prints fast on dot matrix printer which gives you speed and cost saving.  
Excel & PDF, With Spectrum you can Export Documents in PDF & Reports in Excel & PDF format and same can be directly mailed to client with no extra efforts.
Customisation of Toolbar in Spectrum is a very powerful feature, by which user can access any option with just one click & perform any action like print, mail etc by clicking on toolbar button.  
Repeat Entry is one of powerful features of Spectrum, with this user can duplicate any entry or master just by changing of key value.
Document Designer & Report Writer is a unique feature of Spectrum, with document designer user can customise documents like Invoice, Order etc and with help of Report Writer user can modify the reports groups and columns as per their requirement.
Calculation Setup is most powerful feature of Spectrum, with this setup user can define charges applicable in sales & purchase and relative account posting. Once setup is confirmed user has to just enter percentage or amount and all required calculation or account posting will be done automatically.
SMS is the fastest mode of communication; with sms the company can inform its customer the status of despatch and inform the customer for outstanding dues, outstanding reminder and receipt of cheque etc. In the Spectrum on base of data entered, program generates SMS text & you have to just click send button to send it in batch. 
Remote Access using Microsoft Remote Desktop features will help you to perform Add, Modify & delete data and get reports from remote locations.
Branch Accounting is another main feature of Spectrum. In the Spectrum, a company can maintain all its branch account under one company as a branch. With this feature a company can take reports for particular branch, multiple branches and all branches.  Users from all the branch can be connected online and works for its branch. With added security of branch level rights user can access data only of his branch. Inter branch outstanding adjustment can be done through journal entries.


Accounting is the basic requirement of any organisation. Improper keeping of accounts will put organisation in trouble, so here we have designed accounting system with the help of Chartered Accountants & using our strong base in accounts to make it easy, flexible and perfect. The system is designed in such a way that even an operator who does not have any knowledge of accounting principle like debit or credit can maintain basic accounting and make entries. The system is designed in such a way that with minimum keystroke user can perform fast and perfect entry.
MIS Requirements:
  • Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet, Schedules, Groupings and Fixed Assets Schedule printing as per Schedule IV of Companies Act. in user definable format with option to print amount in Rupees, Thousands, Lacs, Millions & Crores.
  • Party / Account / Agent / Salesman / Item / Cost Centre wise Budgeting
  • Cash Flow Statement
  • Fund Flow Statement 
  • Ratio Analysis
  • Costcentre-wise Profit & Loss statement, Balance Sheet & Analysis
  • Party-wise Sales and Recovery analysis & Expenditure Analysis
Income Tax Requirements:
  • eTDS file generation (Form 26Q Regular)
  • Form 27A
  • Form 16A
  • Form 15G
  • Form 26Q
  • Loan Confirmation
  • Account Confirmation
  • Balance Confirmation
  • Statement of Interest Paid & TDS Deducted
VAT Requirements:
  • MVAT audit reports Annexure 704-J1, J2, J3, J4, J5, J6, G, H, I, 501-A, C, D
  • GVAT audit reports Annexure 201-A, 201-B
  • VAT Output Confirmation Certificate
  • VAT Return Annexure of Form-231 
  • Tax-wise / Account / Item / Month wise sales & purchase tax summary
  • Tax Form Statement & Uncollected Tax Form Reminder 
  • Sold-In-Transit Statement
Tax Audit Requirements:
  • Statement of Maximum Loan outstanding 
  • Cash & Bank Transaction details & summary
Accounts Receivable & Payable:
  • Party / Agent / Salesman / Bill / Age wise outstanding reports (Multi Currency)
  • Outstanding reminder
  • Cheque forwarding letter
  • Receivable & Payable planning
  • Adjustment history
  • Interest calculation on overdue receipt & pending bills
Accounts Books & Statement :
  • Sales / Purchase / Expense / Debit & Credit Note Register with Summary 
    (Multi Currency)
  • Cash / Bank / Petty Cash Book (Multi Currency) 
  • Accounts Ledger (Multi Currency)
  • Journal Book  
  • Trial Balance 
  • Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet 
  • Month-wise Profit & Loss statement
Banking & Misc. Requirements:
  • Bank Reconciliation  
  • Interest on Overdraft  
  • Cash & Bank summary  
  • Daily Cash Balance 
  • Interest & TDS Calculation  
  • Depreciation Calculation
Documents Printing:
  • Cash, Bank, Expense, Purchase & Journal Voucher Printing 
  • Cash & Bank Receipt Printing 
  • Pay-In-Slip Printing
  • Cheque Printing
Auto Entry :
  • Cash Receipt
  • Bank Payment
  • FIFO Bill Adjustment
  • TDS J/V
  • Discount J/V
  • Depreciation J/V
  • Book Closing J/V
  • Interest and TDS J/V
  • Auto  Bank  Reconciliation  with add on module to import bank statement excel file to perform bank reconciliation automatically. (NEW)


Inventory management is one of the important requirements of any organisation. Improper Inventory management will block organisation fund and also generate problems to provide better product and service to the customer when required material information are not available on time. So before providing Inventory feature in spectrum, our company professionals has gathered knowledge gained while developing customised Inventory software for Manufacturer, Traders, Dealers engaged in pharmaceutical, chemical, electronic, garments etc., so any organisation can maintain Inventory easily.
Key Features:
  • Standard / FIFO / Weighted Average / Bill / Batch / Serial & Color and size wise Valuation
  • True Multi Unit
  • Pricelist & Scheme Concept
  • Physical Stock
  • Party Part No.
  • Party History
  • Production & Material requirement planning
  • Bill of Material
  • Inventory Level
  • Effect of expense in Item costing (NEW)
Dealer Excise Reports:
  • Quarterly eReturn
  • RG-FORM2 Quarterly Return
  • RG-23D Register
  • RG-23D Summary
  • Annexure-D
  • Tariff Summary
  • Verification Letter
  • Pending Gatepass Statement
  • ADI Claim Reports (Annexure-A, Annexure-C, Annexure-G, Annexure-I, Schedule & Pending ADI Claim) (NEW)
Analysis Reports:
  • ABC Analysis
  • XYZ Analysis
  • FSN Analysis
  • Physical Stock vs. Recorded stock Analysis
  • Bill of Material wise requirement vs. Consumption analysis
  • Party / Item / Bill wise Profitability Report
  • Region / State / Area / Agent / Sales Manager / Salesman / Party / Item Month-wise Sales and Purchase analysis
Control & Planning Reports:
  • Statement of Item above Maximum Level
  • Statement of Item below Minimum Level
  • Statement of Item due for purchase.
  • Statement of Expired Batch
  • Daily Stock Balance
  • Production & Material requirement planning report
Stock Ledgers, Statements and Summary Reports:
  • FIFO / Weighted Average / Bill / Batch / Serial and Color & Size wise Stock Ledger
  • FIFO / Weighted Average / Bill / Batch / Serial and Color & Size wise Stock Statement
  • FIFO / Weighted Average / Bill / Batch / Serial and Color & Size wise Stock Summary
  • Party / Item wise Sales and Purchase Details & Summary
  • Department / Employee / Shift / Machine / Cost Centre / Item wise production Reports
  • Department / Cost Centre / Item wise consumption reports
  • Agent / Salesman wise commission reports on purchase & sales
  • Reports for pending Goods Inwards Note for Bill & Delivery challan for Invoice
Documents Printing:
  • Sales Invoice
  • Cash Memo
  • Debit Note to Customer
  • Credit Note to Customer
  • Delivery Order (Packing Slip)
  • Delivery Challan
  • Goods Inward Note
  • Credit Note to Supplier
  • Debit Note to Supplier
  • Sale Note
  • Material Issue Slip
  • Production Note
  • Return from WIP


Spectrum Mobile App is a very powerful app for Android Mobile Users. It is totally online App which picks up data directly from your computer and will display on your mobile. It gives you upto date information while on the go. Not only that it will also allow users to enter customer order and the same will be stored online in to your database. It display information from dashboard to entry level. In additional to above user can share Ledger and Outstanding to others via WhatsApp & Emails.

Minimum Requirements: 

1. Smart Mobile Phone with 2 GB Ram
2. Android 4.4
3. Static IP Address at Server side
4. Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 Express Edition 

Google Play Store Screen

Setting Screen

Main Dashboard Screen

Account Balance Screen

Account Ledger Screen

Outstanding Screen

Invoice View Main Screen

Invoice View Products Screen

Invoice View Calculation Screen

Bank Receipt View Screen

Order Entry Main Screen

Order Product Entry Screen

Order Products View Screen


CRM is very useful module for any organisation to maintain track of each and every task, activities and follow-up with customer and lead and it is linked with sales order and purchase order management system.
Key Features:
  • Task / Activity, Lead Industries, Lead Source, Lead Masters
  • Task, Activity and Complaint Entry with reminder features
  • CRM Panel is most comprehensive tools which Displays lead or party master information, summary of transaction as dashboard, transaction details of Task / Activity / Complaint / Enquiries / Quotations / Orders / Invoices, Ledger, Outstanding, Sales and Recoveries, Item Wise Sales, Tax Forms etc with option of previous years, particular location, only pending etc.
  • Features to Enter Task / Activity of any entry from status enquiry and CRM Panel.
CRM Reports:
  • Task Register & Report Pending Task.
  • Activity Register
  • Complaint Register & Report of Pending Complaints.
  • Marketing Mailing 
Documents Printing:
  • Task To Do
  • Activity Done
  • Complaint Details


Sales Order management is very useful for any organisation to deliver goods to customer on schedule date and as per specified requirements of customer.

Purchase Order management is very useful to receive goods from supplier on schedule date and as per our requirement for timely production of finished goods or timely delivery of goods to customer.

Key Features:
  • Work Order
  • Delivery Schedules
  • Reports is available for Agent / Salesman / Party / Item & Delivery schedule wise in Detail and Summary
Sales Order Management:
  • Customer Enquiry register & report for Quotation not prepared
  • Quotations register & report for Order Not confirmed.
  • Sales Order register & reports for Pending Work Order for production / Delivery.
  • Sales Order Amendment register & Sales Order History
  • Delivery Order register & report for delivery not completed.
  • Reports for Due Delivery Schedule
  • Sales Order Sheet (Delivery details of Order Items)
Purchase Order Management:
  • Work Order register & reports for production not completed.
  • Purchase Indent register & reports for Purchase Order not prepared.
  • Purchase Enquiry register & reports for Quotation note received.
  • Purchase Quotation comparison register.
  • Purchase Order register & reports for goods note received.
  • Purchase Order Amendment register & Purchase Order History
  • Report for due purchase order delivery
  • Purchase Order Sheet (Receipt details of Order Items)
Documents Printing:
  • Customer Enquiry
  • Sales Quotation
  • Sales Order Confirmation
  • Sales Order Amendment
  • Work Order
  • Purchase Indent
  • Purchase Enquiry
  • Purchase Order
  • Purchase Order Amendment


Manufacturing Excise registers are compulsory to be maintained by all manufacturers as per central excise rules. Improper management or mistakes in excise register will put you in trouble against excise department. Proper management of excise books will help you to determine required excise duty and it will also help you to claim excise duty which you have paid on purchase of goods which in result leads to proper fund management and will also help you to provide proper details to excise department.
Key Features:
  • No special entry required, just enter details of Excise in regular entry like Purchase, Sales, Issue & Production you will get reports for Excise.
  • All the reports is generated as per excise department format.
  • Easy to Implement and very easy use.
Excise Registers:
  • RG23A Part I  (Stock Account of ‘Inputs’ Rule 3)
  • RG23A Part II (Entry Book of Duty Credit Rule 57AE)
  • RG23C Part I (Stock Account of Capital Goods Rule 57Q)
  • RG23C Part II (Entry Book of Duty Credit on Capital Goods Rule 57Q)
  • RG-1 (Daily Stock Account)
  • Form IV
  • P. L. A. Register
  • Service Tax Register
  • Service Tax P. L. A. Register
  • Job Work Register (Outward Annexure 160 (IV)) 
  • Job Work Register (Inward Annexure V)
Excise Returns:
  • eReturn ER-1
  • eReturn ER-3
  • Monthly Return ER-1
  • Quarterly Return ER-3
  • Annexure of ER-6
Excise Reports:
  • Excise Duty Summary as per rule 57AE
  • Proforma Credit Annexure as per rule 7
  • Excise Work Sheet
  • Excise Stock Summary
  • Daily Production Report
  • Job Work Challan Outward register & pending report
  • Job Work Challan Inward register & pending report
  • Expense Bill register & pending report for payment
Documents Printing:
  • Manufacturing Excise Invoice
  • Form GAR 7
  • ST6 Challan
  • Annexure VI
  • Form A. R. 3A
  • Labour Work Challan


Payroll Management is also an important requirement of any organisation. Proper payroll management helps organisation to keep full records of all employees. It helps to provide timely Salary, Bonus and arrears to employee, which maintain healthy relationship with management and employee. It also helps to generate various reports to provide to government department like Income Tax, Provident Fund, Profession Tax, MLWF and ESIC etc. It also helps to know each employee attendance, leave and timing of work.
Key Features:
  • Facility to Import daily attendance from data file generated by attendance recording machine.
  • Integrated with Accounts to pass monthly salary to accounts.
  • Arrears, Bonus and Leave encashment slip generation
  • Auto calculation of Profession Tax / Income Tax & M.L.W.F. as per slabs entered
Daily & Monthly Reports:
  • Attendance Report
  • Muster Roll
  • Pay Sheet
  • Overtime Statement
  • Arrears Report
  • Leave Report
  • Leave Encashment Report
  • Leave Report Card
  • Loan Report
  • Tax Planning Report
Statutory Reports:
  • PF / FPF Report
  • Profession Tax Summary
  • Income Tax Deduction Report
  • ESIC Report
  • MLWF Report
  • EDLI Report
  • PF 6A Report
  • ESIRCC Report
Income Tax Requirements:
  • eTDS file Generation (Regular) for deduction of Tax from Salary.
  • Form 16
Document Printing:
  • Pay slip for Salary, Bonus, Arrears and Leave Encashment


Enterprise Edition is developed by using world's most powerful database Microsoft SQL Server in back end which is known for Speed, Security & stability.
Special Features of Enterprise Edition
Dashboard: Executive Dashboard which displays comprehensive accounting information with features to zoom into entry level.
Task Scheduling: Task Scheduling in Dashboard, Customised Reports,   SMS & Reminder to schedule mailing to the clients or executives.
Store Restriction: Branch store restriction  can allow user to enter only restricted store in a particular branch.
Branch Document Restriction: Branch document restriction can allow user to select only same branch documents like quotation, order, challan to enter documents.
Compulsory Documents: Compulsory documents restriction will not allow user to  enter any document without referring required  document.  (e.g.   challan  must  be  against  order, invoice must  be against challan etc.)
Messaging System: Messaging is a new features of Spectrum Enterprise Edition, in which users of Spectrum Enterprise Edition of same SQL Server can communicate with message. In addition to above user can send broadcast message which will immediately pop-up on screen.
Branch Accounting is another main feature of Spectrum Enterprise Edition. In Spectrum, a company can maintain all its branch account under one company as a branch. With this feature a company can take reports for particular branch, multiple branches and all branches. With the feature of Inter branch receipt and payment adjustment it makes more easy to maintain branch accounting in one company. Users from all the branch can be connected online and works for its branch. With added security of branch level rights user can access data only of his branch.
Document Management System ease organisation filling and accessing documents. It stores document in database and user from any computer can View, Print , Export & Mail it. It is very easy to operate and manage it.
User Control Another new powerful security of Spectrum Enterprise Edition, which restricts user to work only from computer assigned to him in user setup. The new Right Control will restrict user to Edit or Delete entry upto particular date & time, upto to particular days from document date, for no. of entries and for restricted entry which stops tampering of data.
Account Restriction is another powerful security of Spectrum Enterprise Edition, which restricts user to view or print reports for restricted account group only.
Voucher Approval System is another main feature of Spectrum. Enterprise Edition. With this system any entry will be effected in master only if it is passed by appropriate passing authority. With this a company can keep control to print / mail / export of any entry if it has NOT PASSED and also keep control on user to edit / delete / cancel once a document is PASSED.
Voucher Locking System is another add-on feature of Spectrum. With this system a person with appropriate authority like auditor can LOCK entry once it has audited, so no user can edit / delete or cancel locked entry and after completing all audit works a auditor can UNLOCK the entry.
Remote Access using Microsoft Remote Desktop features or Spectrum Enterprise Edition Remote Client will help you to perform Add, Modify & delete data and get reports from remote locations.
Speed: The concept of Microsoft SQL Server is to perform all database operation at server and only the required result should passed to client (user) if required, which reduces network traffic and increases speed. Also by using concept of stored procedure & returning single recordset value in parameter in Spectrum, it has added more speed resulting in faster saving & retrieval of data.
Security: The access to data from application is only through IP address & no other user is having rights to access physical database located on server, which controls tampering and copying database, by user.  With the facility to access database through IP address a user can connect remotely & perform the work. Not only that by keeping secret original database password an administrator of server & application can take backup of database but can’t restore at other place. 
Stability: The most dynamic feature of SQL Server is that an administrator can take backup of database even when users are working, means the backup can be done at any time without interruption of work. In Spectrum we have provided option to reestablish link to database when connection is lost without losing of work. As the capacity of storing data in database is in Terabytes (1 Terabyte =1024 Gigabyte) you need not worry about the size of database, which grows as your business grows.
Auto Backup is another facility of Spectrum Enterprise Edition, in which backup will start automatically at scheduled interval in any removable hard disk without disturbing work, which keeps your database safe and upto date.


Technical Information
Development Tools :
  • Microsoft Visual Basic 6 (SP6)
Back End Database :
  • Microsoft Access 2000
    (Standard / Professional Edition)

  • Microsoft SQL Server 2005
    (Enterprise Edition)
Database ActiveX Controls:
  • Microsoft ActiveX Data Object 2.5 Library
  • Microsoft ADO Ext. 2.8 for DDL & Security
Third Party Tools:
  • ComponentOne Studio for ActiveX 2003
  • ChilkatZIP ActiveX 12.0
  • ChilkatHTTP ActiveX 2.6
  • NeroCOM Type Library for Nero Burning ROM 6
Installer :
  • InstallShield 12 Express Edition for Installation and Quick Patch


System Requirement
Standard or Client of Professional & Enterprise Edition
  • Intel Core 2 Duo Processor
  • 2 GB Ram
  • 320 GB Hard Disk
  • CD/DVD Writer
  • Deskjet / LaserJet or Epson Compatible Dot Matrix Printer
  • Microsoft Windows XP Professional Service Pack 2 & above
  • Microsoft Office 2003 Professional & above
  • Nero 6 Burning ROM
  • Internet Connection
Server Requirement for Professional & Enterprise Edition
  • Intel Xeon Dual Core Processor
  • 4 GB Ram & above
  • 500 GB Hard Disk
  • CD/DVD Writer or ROM
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2003 R2 Standard Edition Service Pack 2 & above
  • Microsoft Office 2003 Professional & above
  • Internet Connection
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Standard Edition Service Pack 3 & above for Enterprise Edition only.


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