SpectrumUpdate - 18th October 2021 (SU-Ver-4-09-057.exe)
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This version can be used by only those clients who have purchased software after 01/04/2020 or customers who are under maintenance contract with Microbrain or it’s authorised dealers.

Steps for Computer connected to the Internet:
Close Application
Start Spectrum Update by Clicking on Start - All Programs – Microbrain - Spectrum
  Update menu item OR Click on Spectrum Agent Icon (Clock) Appear at System Tray & click on Open Spectrum Live Update Control Centre.
Click on CheckForUpdate Button, It will check if any new version is available, if found then it will display release notes.
To Update latest version click on Update Now Button, It will download update files. After update files are downloaded successfully InstallShield Wizard will
  Start process and will prompt again for update. Here you click on update button and new version will be updated on you computer.
Steps when None of the computers are connected to the Internet:
Download SU-Ver-4-09-057.exe file in any removable disk.
Copy SU-Ver-4-09-057.exe file in
  D:\Microbrain\LiveUpdate4\Updates folder in Server.
Please run SU-Ver-4-09-057.exe file to Install updates on computer.
In network environment if you want to install same updates on remaining computer
  then run SU-Ver-4-09-057.exe in all computer.
Release Notes:
  Note: If your current version is less than 4.09.055 then this Version requires a change in database structure, So please take backup first before installing the updates.
18th October 2021 – Version 4.09.057
  •  In expense bill entry if user changes Place of Supply and company is having branch then program is changes place of Supply to branch state code. Now Solved.
  •  In Version 4.08.054 & above, program was checking system information to get local IP address. But in some computer where system files are corrupted then it was displaying error while starting application. Now program will not check system information file and will not get local ip address.
  •  TDS FVU 7.3 changes
19th August 2021 – Version 4.09.056
  •  Now once you click update button in GST Report option in any company the same updates will be available for all company and for all client computer. Now You don't require to click update in all company and in all client computer.
  •  Now in GSTR2A & GSTR2B Import, program will ask user to import transactions if date is before start date and after last date.
  •  Now in GSTR2A & GSTR2B, program will also reconcile Import of Goods and Import of Goods SEZ transaction.
  •  Now in sales invoice if user clicks button to generate Excel / JSON or run API for eInvoice then program will check for Non GST Items / Exempted / Nil Rated Items and if found then it will display message for confirmation to generate eInvoice.
  •  If user calculate distance in sales invoice entry and in next sales invoice entry if user click on map button but don't calculate distance then program will pickup previous calculated distance. Now solved.
  •  If default store has not entered and there is no item has entered and user clicks on map button then it was displaying error. Now solved.
  •  Now in branch master if state name is more than 30 character then program will truncate it.
30th June 2021 – Version 4.09.055
  •  NEW GSTR2B Reconciliation has provided.
  •  Now user can't delete audit trail report.
  •  While importing downloaded eInvoice excel, it was displaying duplicate IRN. Now Solved.
  •  Now in Invoice wise outstanding report, program will print on account amount in pending amount column to display net outstanding in total.
  •  Now in outstanding option of status enquiry, it will ask to display only due bills.
  •  Now in GSTR2A & GSTR2B program will user Place of Supply field, in place of state field.
  •  Now in GSTR2A & GSTR2B reconciliation, program will reconcile for Debit & Credit Note.
  •  Now in GSTR2A & GSTR2B reconciliation, program will match only if both bill is exactly same.
  •  Now in GSTAPI program will ask to connect to secured server.
  •  Now in GSTAPI last URL command, Response and Error will store in text file.
  •  Now in GSTAPI it will show response text for every error.
  •  New field FaItemBatchSerialMaster.MRP has been provided in recordset of Batchwise stock statement.
  •  Now in SMS all URL command, Response and Error will store in text file.
  •  HSN & SAC Master updated with latest.
  •  Now in eWayBill & eInvoice, User can upload summary of items.
  •  Now in standard report, while exporting report to excel program will not wrap text to next row.
27th April 2021 – Version 4.08.054
  •  New Activation features has provided to work on RDP server located at data centre.
  •  Now in GST API Get eWayBill Transporter Details will get Transporter Name and Transporter GSTIN.
  •  In purchase and salenote entry, it was picking previous entry item costing in new entry. Now solved.
  •  Now in standard export in Excel file, program will not insert (') sign before any text cell.
  •  While importing GST eInvoice details from downloaded excel file it was displaying error, if eWayBill was not generated because of any error. Now solved.
  •  While generating eInvoice, if user has entered eWayBill limit amount then program was not generating eInvoice if amount is less than eWayBill limit amount. Now solved.
  •  While importing GST eInvoice details from downloaded excel file it was displaying error, if company is having serial not branch.. Now solved.
  •  While generating eInvoice or eWayBill, if user selects selected documents then it was not displaying documents in document no. order. Now solved.
  •  While importing GST eInvoice details from downloaded excel file it was displaying error, if company is not having branch and series and document number is only one character. Now solved
  •  Now dynamic QRCode (NOT eInvoice SIGNED QRCODE) height and witdh can be change while designing document.
  •  Now dynamic QRCode (NOT eInvoice SIGNED QRCODE) image file created with control tag or name.
  •  Now to send SMS as per new TRAI rules, EntityID & TemplateID fields has provided in SMS setup.
  •  eTDS Salary has changed as per TDS FVU 7.01
  •  Now in MAP API, program will pickup PINCODE of default store code if entered else it will pickup PINCODE first item store code and in both case GSTIN has entered.
20th January 2021 – Version 4.08.053

Facility to Import GST eInvoice details like IRN, Acknowledgement No. & Date, eWayBill No., SignedQRCode from downloaded Excel files from eInvoice Portal.

  •  With GST API , Now user can get details of eWayBill No. generated by party or transporter.
  •  Program will not ask for TCS if Party PAN No. is same as company PAN No. (For Branch Transfer)
  •  Now facility has provided to skip generation of eWayBill with eInvoice, if amount does not exceeds limits.
2nd January 2021 – Version 4.08.051
  •  Facility provided to generate eWayBill from IRN, in case transport details received after generation of eInvoice.
  •  With GST API, Now Party Legal Name will be picked up and replaced in master from details received while validating GST No.
8th December 2020 – Version 4.08.050
  •  Facility to Import GST eInvoice details like IRN, Acknowledgement No. & Date, eWayBill No., SignedQRCode from downloaded JSON files from eInvoice Portal.
  •  With GST API, Now user can Import Supplier Invoice Details in Purchase Bill Entry with just one click of button.
21st October 2020 – Version 4.08.049
  •  Facility to generate SignedQRCode from downloaded JSON file from eInvoice Portal.
10th October 2020 – Version 4.08.048
  •  With GST API, Now user can generate eInvoice in just one click of button.
1st October 2020 – Version 4.08.047
  •  Facility to generate eInvoice Excel & JSON file from Spectrum.
  •  TCS Amount in Calculation Entry and Auto calculate if amount exceeds limits.
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