SpectrumUpdate - 10th July, 2019 (SU-Ver-4-06-042.exe)
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This version can be used by only those clients who have purchased software after 01/04/2018 or customers who are under maintenance contract with Microbrain or it’s authorised dealers.

Steps for Computer connected to the Internet:
Close Application
Start Spectrum Update by Clicking on Start - All Programs – Microbrain - Spectrum
  Update menu item OR Click on Spectrum Agent Icon (Clock) Appear at System Tray & click on Open Spectrum Live Update Control Centre.
Click on CheckForUpdate Button, It will check if any new version is available, if found then it will display release notes.
To Update latest version click on Update Now Button, It will download update files. After update files are downloaded successfully InstallShield Wizard will
  Start process and will prompt again for update. Here you click on update button and new version will be updated on you computer.
Steps when None of the computers are connected to the Internet:
Download SU-Ver-4-06-042.exe file in any removable disk.
Copy SU-Ver-4-06-042.exe file in
  D:\Microbrain\LiveUpdateSQL4\Updates folder in Server.
Please run SU-Ver-4-06-042.exe file to Install updates on computer.
In network environment if you want to install same updates on remaining computer
  then run SU-Ver-4-06-042.exe in all computer.
Release Notes:
  Note: This Version requires a change in database structure, So please take backup
first before installing the updates.
10th July 2019 – Version 4.06.042

New entry, proforma invoice has been provided which can pickup  sales order and the same proforma invoice can be pickup in sales invoice.

  •  New digital signature module has been provided.
  •  In standard stock summary it was not displaying consumption summary. Now solved.
  •  Now GST applicable date will change in year end.
  •  In production entry if cost rate is too high and user has selected (,) sign in number format then it was displaying error. Now solved.
  •  If there is no record in stock master then in physical stock comparison report it was not displaying even entered physical stock. Now solved.
  •  In calculation if there is additional discount on lumpsum basis and we pickup that entry then it display amount with (-) sign and calculation goes wrong. Now solved.
  •  In switch setting if user selects branch then it was not replacing in fields saleskey, purchasekey and proforma key fields. Now solved.
  •  In entry if user enters currency and after entering all items if user changes currency rate then program was not calculating GSTTaxableAmount on base of new currency. Now solved.
  •  In status enquiry option, if user zooms to previous year order then it was displaying error. Now solved.
  •  Now user can also stop alert checking.
  •  Increased width of PFNo in employee master.
  •  New field MSME No. provided in company, branch & party master.
  •  While importing account group master from another company, it was displaying error. Now solved.
  •  Changes for eTDS for salary and non salary returns.
  •  In GST eWayBill detail entry it was displaying error while entering shipping bill date. Now solved.
  •  In branch master FSSAI No. was named as poison license no, so if user enters poison license no then it was not displaying in document.
  •  In batch card master, if user directly enters consumption without batch quantity then it was displaying error in production entry. Now solved.
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